The Benefits of Using Local Plants in Your Garden

Local plants are like the friendly neighbors of the plant world. They’ve been growing in the area for a long time and know exactly how to survive there. When we include these plants in our gardens, it’s not just good for nature—it’s also a smart choice for making our gardens better. Water Less: One significant advantage of local plants is that [...]


Good Service – And a Good Cause

Redbud Lawn is proud to give back to our community through the FOLDS OF HONOR non-profit. Looking for a way to honor Oklahoma’s veterans, Eric spent time investigating many worthy causes. He eventually settled on the FOLDS OF HONOR organization. A percentage of all sales for lawn care and landscape services will be directly donated to the FOLDS OF HONOR [...]


Make your Christmas even more jolly with professionally installed Christmas lighting for your home

What would Christmas be without Christmas lights? Tulsa and Owasso area homes seem to come to life during the holidays with spectacular light displays in every neighborhood. Maybe you want to spread a little cheer and joy to others but don’t have the time or stamina to spend many hours on a ladder installing lights, figuring out outlets and [...]

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Summertime Lawn Care & Maintenance

LAZY SUMMER? Who calls it lazy summer? Certainly not busy parents. July is a time where the days get longer and the time seems to quicken its pace. The kids are out of school and parents are scrambling to find places and things to do to keep them entertained. Who has time for lawn care and maintenance? With the sunlight and [...]