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We are a full-service Tulsa lawn care company, Tulsa Landscapers and Tulsa Landscape company servicing the Tulsa Metro area.

We offer mowing, edging, weed-eating, and will blow all grass off driveways and concrete areas. It is a weekly service only.

Keep your lawn beautiful this spring and summer and see why we are considered one of the best lawn care companies in Tulsa! We specialize in Tulsa lawn care and Owasso lawn care.

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Summertime Lawn Care & Maintenance

LAZY SUMMER? Who calls it lazy summer? Certainly not busy parents. July is a time where the days get longer and the time seems to quicken its pace. The kids are out of school and parents are scrambling to find places and things to do to keep them entertained. Who has time for lawn care and maintenance? With the sunlight and [...]