Christmas Lights Installation FAQs

YES! You can sit back and relax, having peace of mind that we are fully insured.

We offer a once a year 10% discount to everyone who signs up for services before November 1.

Here at Redbud Property Maintenance we like to start installing Christmas lights as early as November 1st but we have the option of not supplying power to them until the week after Thanksgiving. Let us know how we can accommodate your needs with Christmas Decor.

At Redbud we will start removing Christmas Lights starting the first week of the year in a first come first serve basis. If you wish to have them taken down early in the season, please contact us to set up a time and day to have them removed.

All we need from you is your basic contact information to get started (Name, Address, Email, and Phone Number). Once we have this information we will need to know where you would like to have lights installed then let us do the rest. We will hand deliver, call or email a quote to you as we have the quote completed.

Since every holiday lighting project is different we would like to give you a free estimate to determine what looks you desire with prices as low as $375.